Brand Collaboration

We are looking to partner with like-minded retailers who share our vision of sustainability. At Mama Koala, we thrive on great teamwork and partnerships. We believe in the power of collaboration to spark innovation and drive sustainability forward. Our Exclusive Print option is an extra service we provide to help our retailers improve their competitiveness. We’re very likely to pursue this strategy with all of our retailers to sell exclusive prints of our products. We will co-brand for your exclusive prints, and you have more control over on your exclusive prints and their retail price.


Together, we’ll do more.

  1. Mama Koala offers a private-label option for your exclusive prints.

  1. We will walk our new retailers through the first 3 rounds of the exclusive print design process, and help you become a master of your own exclusive prints.
  2. Mama Koala Design Team will guarantee a perfect display of your design idea.
  3. Before going into production, Mama Koala will correct the color for all your exclusive prints so as to guarantee you a perfect display effect.
  4. Mama Koala will strictly control product quality and enrich the product line.
  5. Mama Koala has an excellent Customer Service Management Team based in the US that is happy to provide above standard after-sales support services to the customer all over the world. As a partner, you have no responsibility to address product quality issues.
  6. Mama Koala will offer exposure for all of your Exclusive Prints through our social media platform

How to submit a Co-Brand Exclusive Print Idea:

  1. Please email us the images and your mock up requirements between midnight Pacific Time on the 1st and 11:59pm Pacific Time on the 6th of each month.
  2. All exclusive prints will be designed as polyester pocket cloth diaper version mock ups by default, other products or material versions will not be offered unless otherwise required, when you submit the images.
  3. There is no limitation for the amount of mock ups, but we require you to order at least 60% from the final mock ups of each round.
  4. The production period for mock ups is around 7-12 working days.
  5. Our design team will provide a one-time modification for each mock up. Any modification requests must be submitted within 24 hours after receiving your mock ups.



  1. Picture requirements: Minimum size is around 7.87in. x 7.87in. with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, seamless mode.
  2. For the pictures you provide, a commercial use license is required. Should any dispute arise about your pictures, Mama Koala reserves the right to get compensation.
  3. Themes, ideas or ‘thoughts’ of prints cannot be considered copyrighted.
  4. Solid colors will not be mocked up as anyone’s exclusive print.
  5. The T-shirt is only available in white cloth, the print will be positional only. There may be a slight color difference between T-shirts and cloth diapers in the same print.
  6. The following prints are not considered to be exclusive to any retailer.

Geometrical shapes: grid, plaid, stripes, polka dots, etc.

Animal texture: scale, leopard print, zebra pattern, cow pattern, giraffe pattern, etc.

Fixed Pictogram: camouflage, pentagram, heart shape, etc.

For any common element not listed above, it may not be considered as exclusive to anyone, we reserve the right to define the common elements.

  1. 7. We will not mock up or produce prints related to political elements, violence, war, or materials such as cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, and drugs.
  2. Similarity criterion:

(1) All elements and shapes that are identical or slightly changed includes the change of color, shape, position, or any other slight modifications not mentioned here, are considered to be similar.

(2) Elements and shapes are not identical and there are at least 3 other different parts between two prints, will not be considered to be similar.

(3) Elements are similar, but shapes are different. There are at least 3 different parts between two prints, will not be considered to be similar.


How to place Co-Brand Exclusive Print Pre-order:

  1. Minimum Order Requirement
Polyester / Minky Cloth Diapers 40
Polyester & Minky Cloth Diapers 20/ Each
Restock Cloth Diapers 20
Headband&bow 10
T-shirt 5/ All sizes
Wet Bag 5/Each size
Diaper Pod 5/Each size
  1. Pre-orders open on the 10th and end on the 16th of each month, Pacific Time,and will start shipping approximately 2 months after purchase.
    Please submit orders via our wholesale site at

Our usual wholesale terms and conditions apply.